Monday, January 30, 2017


Cousin's day,  Sam, Gavin, Zane and Henry with Myles

Myles loving Sam

Myles helped giving Sam a bottle and getting him to sleep.

Henry and Myles on the ATV

Fooling around outside with hay bales!

Myles is practicing so when his baby sister comes he can help Mommy!

Myles and Henry making Christmas cookies

More chocolate kisses went in their mouth and not on the cookies!!!!

Myles playing with Sam.

Such good buddies!!!

Myles is ready for Christmas!!

Going outside with Henry and Uncle Mike to build a snowman!!

What handsome snowmen!!  They did a great job!

Mommy reading a book to Myles and cousin Colby in Myles' big boy bed!

Myles and Travis on Christmas!

Myles and Sam are ready for Christmas!!!
Travis built Myles a Lego table and storage for Christmas!
What a great job!!

New Cousin, Levi watching Myles in Grandpa's truck!

Myles is learning early with Colby Grandpa Jerry's business! 
They are ready for work!!

Myles and Colby taking a nap.  We think???? LOL

I can't believe it is over 4 years since you went to heaven!  I miss you every day.
You don't have to worry about Myles.  He is having a great life!  April 3 or there about
he is going to have a sister to help with and play with!  He is going to be such a good
big brother!  Myles is doing really good in school.  His vocabulary is soooo BIG!  Amazing
sometimes what comes out of his mouth!!  Myles goes to 3k on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
Miss you so much son!  Love you always! Mom 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Past our toddler years on to little boy!!

Myles has a new cousin!  Uncle Ryan & Aunt Mallory had a baby boy
Levi Crawford Hepp

Colby and Myles at Leggo land

Not only did Myles & Colby have fun at Leggo Land so did
Ryan and Travis

Myles and Henry on their ATV. They love driving around
the house and all over!!

Myles on Pumpkin field trip to Eberts.  He is
with Emily and Henry

Myles picked out his pumpkin!

Playing with Henry at Eberts

Myles with Great Grandpa Tony & Great Grandma Jo
on the celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary.
Also with Grandma Kitty, Grandpa Brian, Aunt Chrissy
Uncle Chad, Gavin, Zane, Uncle Nate, Uncle Mike,
Aunt Jenny, Henry, Sam, Travis and Mommy (Casey)

All of Myles Aunts & Uncles and cousin's on
Grandma Kitty's side.

Myles 1st cousins, Gavin, Zane, Henry and Sam

Uncle Mike showing Henry and Myles how to clean
up the weeds and where to dump them!  Myles and
Henry love helping Uncle Mike with his chores.

Myles with all his Great Grandma, Great Grandpa, Great Aunts,
Great Uncles, Aunts, Uncles and all his first and second cousins!!

Matt you would be so proud of Myles.  He is out of the toddler stage and into a great young boy.
Myles is so smart, caring and helpful little guy!  Myles has decided to take Henry under his wing
and help him, protect him and teach him lots of things.  Like when they don't get what they
want they both give Grandma Kitty the Paw Patrol Puppy whine!!!  They are to funny!!

I think about you everyday,
and wonder why you could not stay.
It hurts me that you had to go,
how much no-one will ever know.
I pray someday that we may meet.
But until that day my sweet boy,
I will hold you in my heart,
until my time here is done.

Miss you Matt!
Love you!

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Busy Summer

Travis is teaching Myles how to fish. Caught his first fish!!!

Cousin Colby & Myles swimming at Grandpa Jerry's & Grandma Linda's

Going for a walk with Grandma Linda

On vacation with Mom, Travis, Aunt Mallory, Uncle Ryan
Grandpa Jerry and Grandma Linda

Enjoying vaction

My 4 year old picture!  Look how cute Myles is!

Helped Uncle Nate, Ksenia, Travis and Mom on the
Golf outing.
Going for a walk while Myles drives Henry around!
Myles 3k Class and teacher, Mrs. Damon

Myles first day of 3k.
Myles is loving driving the 4 wheeler around this summer!!
Grandpa Brian & Grandma Kitty's 5 grandson's
Gavin, Zane, Myles, Henry and baby Sam
Building a dinosaur wall with his cousins!
Grandma Kitty and Myles learning how to do "selfies"!
Myles and Henry building a fort out of couch pillows
Myles pancake, fishing birthday party.
Myles and all his cousins.  Oliver, Colby, Henry,
Emily, Gavin, Zane and Sam!
Emily and Myles and Oliver on Myles
remote hot rod!

Myles has had a fun filled Summer with Mom and Travis
and his whole family!  Myles is growing up so fast! He has
an amazing vocabulary.  He is very smart.  Matt you would
be so proud of Myles and how he is growing up!
As I loved you, so I miss you,
in my memory you are near.
Loved, remembered, loved for always
treasured with a love sincere.
You are where I cannot see you,
and your voice I cannot hear,
yet I know you walk beside me,
never absent, always near.
Love and miss you Matt!